Talking Points From The Weekend’s Serie A Matches

Andrea Pirlo’s introduction season as Juventus lead trainer has seldom been plain cruising, however Sunday’s 1-0 loss at home to transfer battlers Benevento was perhaps the most obscure days of his rule up until now.

The tenderfoot mentor had effectively been reprimanded after his side smashed out of the Champions League to Porto at the last-16 phase prior in March, and their expectations of guaranteeing a tenth successive Serie A title are currently shredded.

Filippo Inzaghi’s Benevento were without a triumph in 11 matches prior to visiting Turin yet Adolfo Gaich got the victor in the wake of jumping on an imprudent Arthur Melo pass across his own crate to leave Juve in third spot 10 focuses off pioneers Inter Milan. 실시간야동

Juventus’ ‘Curva Sud’ fan bunch distributed a post accordingly saying: “Enough! You are embarrassing the shirt”.

Nonetheless, the club’s Managing Director Fabio Paratici confronted the cameras after the match to underline his confidence in Pirlo’s venture.

“This game doesn’t change our thoughts,” he revealed to Sky Italia.

“We set out down a way the previous summer that likewise concerns the mentor, and our way proceeds. We are content with what we are doing, we’re attempting to hold our heads down and endeavor to improve.”

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