Bundesliga Update – Matchday 25: Hamburg Beat Bochum, More Postponements

Hamburg bounced once more into dispute for the class title with an away success more than 10-man Bochum.

The hosts were the hot side going into the end of the week’s topspiel and they looked the more sure side from the get-go. However, they neglected to make numerous strong possibilities and this permitted HSV to snatch the lead contrary to the rules on 28 minutes. Aaron Hunt’s free kick advanced right over to midfielder Amadou Onana, who stuck the ball past manager Manuel Riemann to put the guests ahead.

Bochum’s undertaking got a lot harder when Danny Blum mysteriously fouled objective scorer Onana from behind in the center of the recreation center and was given a straight red card for his difficulty. This left Bochum to play the rest of the match with 10 men. 성인사진

The match turned lively after this, with more fouls and cards. Bochum’s disappointment got obvious as Hamburg didn’t do a lot to undermine them in assault, and yet, the hosts couldn’t mount anything solid themselves. In this manner, when HSV substitute Khaled Narey scored on the counter in second half stoppage time, the outcome was fixed.

The success moves Hamburg to inside 2 marks of Bochum at the highest point of the table.

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