Lightning Are One Of NHL’s Most Penalized Teams. It Isn’t A New Issue

The Lightning enter Friday’s games with 85 minor punishments called against them, second-most in the association behind just Vancouver’s 96. Furthermore, it is anything but another issue. Tampa Bay has been among the best five groups in the NHL for minor punishments every one of the previous five seasons, driving the alliance during their Presidents’ Trophy period of 2018-19.

“It’s a work in progress is likely the most ideal way I can put this,” Cooper said recently. “Several years prior we were a top group in the class for minors against, which was something we attempted to do and has been a disputed matter with us. We’re gradually crawling back for better numbers, however in no way, shape or form are we one of the better groups in not taking punishments. However, we’ve shown progress in a positive way, so that is everything I can ask is we can continue to do that.” 검증사이트

The Lightning have played well yet would make things simpler on themselves in the event that they invested less energy in the punishment box. Their 5-on-5 for/against proportion is 1.51, best in the alliance. So genuinely talking, they are playing preferable even-strength hockey over anybody.

“It’s the measure of punishments we’ve taken,” Cooper said. “We must beginning removing these, at any rate the minor games there, down the stretch to give our PK a tad of a break.”

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