Diamondbacks Make MLB Opening Day History With Four-homer Inning, But Padres Come Back For Win

Through four innings, the intensely advertised 2021 San Diego Padres were exactly on time, driving the Arizona Diamondbacks by five runs. The defeat was on, as individuals like to say. Clearly, those individuals didn’t tell the D-Backs offense they should simply turn over and take it.

The D-Backs would storm right back and afterward some with a six-run fifth in Petco Park, a lot to the shame of Padres beginning pitcher Yu Darvish (in his San Diego presentation) and reliever Tim Hill. 성인사진

Arizona hit four grand slams in that inning, turning into the principal group in MLB history with a four-homer inning on Opening Day. Ketel Marte got the ball rolling with a performance shot. Asdrubal Cabrera pursued Darvish with a two-run work. After a tossing mistake, Tim Locastro additionally hit a two-run shot – this oddball Hill – and afterward Stephen Vogt returned to-back to give the D-Backs a 7-6 lead.

arvish’s Padres’ presentation finished with the accompanying line: 4 2/3 IP, 8 H, 4 ER, 1 BB, 6 K

Luckily for Darvish, the Padres’ offense got their pitchers up the entire day. They would wind up tying things back up with an Eric Hosmer RBI single in the 6th and afterward reclaimed the lead in the lower part of the seventh on a Jurickson Profar sac fly in a 8-7 win.

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