NBA Fines Kevin Durant $50K For Profane Comments To Actor On Social Media

The NBA fined Nets forward Kevin Durant $50,000 on Friday for his utilization of hostile and injurious remarks via web-based media.

Recently, entertainer Michael Rapaport posted a few direct messages from Durant where the Nets star utilized profane language in a fight between the two on Twitter. 검증사이트

The 11-time NBA All-Star apologized for his remarks in front of the Nets’ down against the Hornets on Thursday.

“I’m grieved that individuals have seen the language I utilized,” Durant told columnists, per The Athletic. “That is not what I need individuals to see or hear from me.”

The double cross NBA Finals MVP has been out since Feb. 13 because of a hamstring injury.

Durant is a devoted web-based media client. He at first tended to Rapaport’s arrival of his immediate messages by saying the two talk “crazier” than that consistently.

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