Gundogan Concerned About Bundesliga Boredom As Dortmund Struggle

Manchester City midfielder Gundogan won the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund in 2012.

Yet, Dortmund – who face City in a Champions League quarter-last first-leg on Tuesday – have not won the title since.

Bayern are surrounding a 10th back to back homegrown crown in the wake of beating nearest challengers RB Leipzig 1-0 on Saturday, an outcome that came even as star striker Robert Lewandowski was harmed. 성인사진

Dortmund are for the most part among Bayern’s nearest challengers however this season they sit seven focuses outside the best four notwithstanding having productive striker Erling Haaland in their positions.

“In the Bundesliga I wish that Dortmund or RB Leipzig could at any rate rival FC Bayern in the medium term,” City star Gundogan said to Funke Media Group.

“Should Bayern keep on separating themselves from the opposition much further in the following not many years, at that point we can expect that the alliance will sadly turn out to be less engaging and intriguing to the global crowd.”

Gundogan and City are cruising to the Premier League title in England, however he feels the opposition has an unmistakable benefit on Germany.

He added: “I feel that here in England we have greater quality in the class.

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