NASA’s Astronaut Earth Photography Contest Crowns A Glorious Winner

There can be just one. NASA’s Tournament Earth rivalry pitted 32 space traveler photos of Earth against one another in a March Madness-style set of sections. Space fans decided on their top choices, and the champ has been delegated: a staggering, twirling perspective on Lake Van in Turkey.

After more than 930,000 votes cast during five adjusts, the picture snapped by space traveler Kate Rubins from the International Space Station in 2016 stood apart among the rest. Lake Van is one of the biggest basic lakes on the planet, and it has a practically magical appearance in the picture. 안전놀이터

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“Lake Van is an endorheic lake – it has no outlet, so its water vanishes by dissipation – with a pH of 10 and high saltiness levels,” said NASA in proclamation when the picture was initially delivered. The space office portrayed the whirling blue territories as “turbidity crest.”

In the event that this was March Madness, the photograph would be viewed as a longshot champ. It was initially opened in at a No. 8 seed in the “Peacefulness” section, a reference to a module on the ISS.

It was an intense rivalry. Lake Van clashed with the other finalist, a dazzling composite picture of stars moving that shows star trails caught more than a few minutes from the ISS.

Each space explorer picture in the opposition was commendable, yet there was only something about the wonderful whorls of Lake Van that caught the hearts of the electors. All things considered, we are a water planet.

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