Bella Thorne & Alyvia Lind In Intrusion Thriller ‘Masquerade’ Trailer

“Just – do your part, and I’ll do mine… ” Scream Factory has uncovered an authority trailer for an independent home attack frightfulness spine chiller named Masquerade, the most recent from producer Shane Dax Taylor. This seems like it ought to be going direct-to-DVD as there are simply such a large number of these dull, subordinate blood and gore movies nowadays.한국야동

Disguise follows 11-year-old Casey, who should endure the night after a gathering of gatecrashers, driven by Rose, break into her family’s home to take their invaluable work of art. A lot is on the line as the group will remain determined to get what they need until a stunning turn finishing. The cast highlights Alyvia Lind as Casey, Bella Thorne as Rose, in addition to Skyler Samuels, Mircea Monroe, Joana Metrass, Michael Proctor, and Austin Nichols. There’s nothing to truly say about this aside from that it looks particularly unimaginative and exhausting.

Disguise Film

Eleven-year-old Casey (Alyvia Alyn Lind) is home alone — until a gathering of gatecrashers, driven by Rose (Bella Thorne), break in. They will likely take her family’s precious assortment of fine art, yet their own wild aspiration is outclassed simply by Rose’s advantage. Casey should battle to make due as the stakes develop ever higher and the trespassers show they’re willing to remain determined to get what they need. Disguise is both composed and coordinated by American maker/movie producer Shane Dax Taylor, head of the movies The Gray, Bloodworth, and Isolation already. Created by Kenneth Burke, Steven Schneider, and Shane Dax Taylor. This hasn’t debuted at any celebrations or somewhere else, supposedly. Shout Factory will deliver Taylor’s Masquerade in select theaters + on VOD beginning July 30th, 2021 this mid year. Anybody into this?

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