Seoul’s ‘BTS Museum’ Lures Fans To The World Of K-pop

Five minutes’ stroll from Yongsan Station in the core of Seoul, Hybe Insight involves a 4,700-sq.- meter space in the cellar of the organization’s new base camp. Hybe, previously called Big Hit Entertainment, opened the historical center in May to grandstand its craftsmen’s music and shows.

To enter the gallery, guests should reserve a spot by downloading a cell phone application. Beginning at 11 a.M., gatherings of up to 50 individuals can enter at 25-minute stretches. The last visit starts at 6:55 p.M.

Saturday and Sunday visits are completely reserved one month ahead of time, yet open spaces are genuinely simple to discover on non-weekend days. Affirmation is restricted to individuals 14 and more seasoned and costs 22,000 won ($19.35) per individual.

Guests get a QR code not long before they enter, which a peruser outputs to open the door. Once inside, they are given some concise direction by gallery staff. Visits are “drove” by the prerecorded voices of BTS individuals and others. Guests can pick the storyteller they need to clarify the shows.무료성인야동

On a new visit through Hybe Insight, there were 45 guests, by far most of whom were young ladies – likely individuals from the “BTS Army,” as devoted fans are called. There were just three men in the gathering.

Guests initially enter a model of a music studio, where they can encounter blending the hints of different instruments utilized by Hybe specialists. Next they see film of a live dance execution on three enormous screens, each estimating 3 meters high and 7 meters wide.

In another part, BTS individuals talk about the difficulties of delivering music. “I initially make verses from watchwords and afterward add tunes,” says the gathering’s chief, RM. “I’m attempting to grow an extent of my experience to create great music.”

The feature of the visit is a 360-degree screen that shows Hybe’s set of experiences since its establishing as Big Hit Entertainment in 2005. The screen is in a room as wide as a tennis court. Around 240 prizes won by BTS and other Hybe specialists embellish the divider.

Notwithstanding BTS, the exhibition hall presents such groups as Seventeen and GFriend, whose administration organizations were gained by Hybe, just as fresher gatherings shaped by Bang Si-hyuk, author of Hybe, and others. Hybe, which depends vigorously on BTS for its profit, is looking to advance different craftsmen in its stable.

Visiting every one of the four segments of the gallery requires an hour and 45 minutes. Since guests are not permitted to meander around all alone, some in the gathering appeared to lose interest in presentations close to the end.

The visit closes at the gift shop, which offers numerous things, including 3,000 won pens bearing the Hybe Insight logo, yet not many BTS merchandise other than 19,000 won photographs of the band. “I’m disillusioned,” said a guest who had anticipated a bigger choice of BTS products.

While composed display guides are for the most part in Korean, some English voice-overs and composed direction is accessible. The cell phone application permits clients to choose direction in Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese.

Last October, BTS rang up almost $50 million from two days of online live shows that pulled in almost 1 million paid watchers in 191 nations and areas. The gallery appears to be sure to turn into another spot of journey for fans from Japan and somewhere else once COVID-related travel limitations are lifted.

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