Wataru Matsumoto Earns Win, Kaima Taira Ties NPB Record For Lions

Wataru Matsumoto held the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks to a run more than six innings and Kaima Taira tied a Nippon Professional Baseball record of 38 straight games without surrendering a run as the Saitama Seibu Lions won 5-2 in the Pacific League on Monday.

Matsumoto (7-3) gave up a RBI single in the first to Ryoya Kurihara for the solitary run prior to engaging his way back to outpitch SoftBank starter Colin Rea (1-1), who surrendered five runs, four acquired, likewise more than six innings at Kyocera Dome Osaka.

Wataru Takagi’s RBI twofold in the third tied the game before Takeya Nakamura’s performance homer in the fourth turned the game around for Seibu. Wu Nien-chime’s bases-stacked twofold and Hotaka Yamakawa’s fielder’s choice in the 6th put the game past the compass of SoftBank. 조개모아

Matsumoto permitted five hits and strolled three in a 107-pitch exertion for Seibu. Rae surrendered seven hits and a walk and Yuya Hasegawa’s RBI single in the eighth did little to shift the direction of the game, wrapped up by Taira who recorded his tenth save.

The Okinawa-local struck two of the three hitters he looked in the 10th and tied previous major leaguer and Hanshin Tigers incredible Kyuji Fujikawa for the record.

“I’ve been approaching slowly and carefully to arrive and I’m cheerful,” said the right-hander, chose for the Japan group for the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics. “I had it in my mind a smidgen yet was centered around having a scoreless inning… I will not change and will continue to approach slowly and carefully.”

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