BTS’ V Goes Live After 7 Months, ARMYs Flood Twitter In Surprise

BTS’ V (or Kim Taehyung) welcomed his fans on a live stream following a 7-month dry season on the V LIVE stage.

The 25-year-old K-POP artist appeared in the business as an individual from BTS in 2013. He’s aided recorded as a hard copy, forming and delivering a few melodies delivered by the kid band. The vocalist lyricist made his acting introduction in “Hwarang: The Poet Youth Warrior,” for which he likewise sang a soundtrack for (alongside BTS’ Jin) named “Regardless of whether I Die, It’s You.”

Because of his bustling timetable, many were shocked to see him go live on the stage, particularly following a 7-month hole, yet greeted him wholeheartedly.

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BTS’ V welcomed his fans on V LIVE, and had an unwinding and fun talk with his fans. He clarified that he was shooting some place in his organization’s structure and had quite recently completed the process of recording for something different.

The worldwide hotshot showed a portion of his multilingual abilities and a touch of his crazy perkiness, bringing out giggling among the group.

The BTS part additionally spoke somewhat about the thing he was at present doing as far as timetable, and was visited by an unexpected visitor during the live stream.

Numerous fans were delivered stunned simply taking a gander at the attractive BTS part’s looks, giving him praises in abundance.

Tragically, in spite of numerous individuals trusting that Kim Taehyung will show up on the stage, numerous ARMYs (BTS fans) wound up missing the concise live stream and just discovered after it finished.

BTS’ V started his live stream on the V LIVE stage on July 24th, 2021. Preceding him, Suga from a similar kid band had gone live on July 22nd.

The band as of late showed up on The Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon to play a spic and span game on the show called “Will it Fit?” and perform “Consent to Dance.”

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