Cartier Becomes Main Sponsor Of Venice Film Festival

Simultaneously, Armani Beauty is restoring its job as true excellence patron of the film celebration, reinforcing its association with another award,The Audience Award – Armani magnificence, Orizzonti Extra. Orizzonti Extra is an expansion of the cutthroat segment zeroing in on recent fads in the film world. The recently presented prize will commend the best image of the new area as per a jury of observers.

As a feature of the joint effort with Cartier, the Venice International Film Festival and the French diamond setter will honor exceptional movie producers through the Cartier Glory to the Filmmaker Award. 한국야동

The prize is committed to a made an especially unique character commitment to the contemporary entertainment world and is in a state of harmony with Cartier’s long-standing responsibilities to save social legacy and backing the contemporary imaginative creation.

The honor function will occur at the Lido di Venezia during the celebration, which will run from Sept. 1 to 11, yet the name of the beneficiary has not been disclosed.

“We are excited to become principle backer of the Venice International Film Festival and reaffirm the long-standing obligation to safeguard social legacy and to help contemporary imaginative creation,” said Arnaud Carrez, senior VP, head advertising official at Cartier. “It is likewise a genuine honor to have the option to honor globally eminent producers through the Cartier Glory to the Filmmaker Award.”

This is the fourth year Armani Beauty accomplices with the celebration, by and by giving the authority make-up support of the visitors and superstars due to join in.

The association signals Giorgio Armani’s longstanding relationship with the universe of film, giving ensembles to motion pictures going from “American Gigolo” to “The Wolf of Wall Street” and dressing any semblance of Cate Blanchett and Tom Cruise, to give some examples.

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