Seo In Guk Receives Offer For Lead Role In New Drama

Web optimization In Guk may be making an expedient re-visitation of the little screen!

On July 12, a source from media outlets uncovered that Seo In Guk will star as the hero of the new show “Minamdang: Case Note” (strict title).조개모아

A source from Story J Company explained to Newsen, “Web optimization In Guk has gotten a projecting proposal for ‘Minamdang: Case Note’ and is surveying it.”

“Minamdang: Case Note” depends on a famous web novel of the very name by essayist Jung Jae Han that was serialized on Kakao Page and won the stupendous prize at Kakao Page’s web novel challenge. The novel follows the strange occasions experienced by the previous profiler Han Joon and his associates.

The show will recount the account of a dubious bistro named Minamdang and the customers that visit the bistro. New characters will be presented, and the plot will be unwound in an entertaining manner that separates it from the first web novel.

As indicated by Sports Chosun, the content will be composed by screenwriter Park Hye Jin of the show “Ruler: Master of the Mask” and the film “The Yellow Sea.” Filming will start in October.

In the mean time, Seo In Guk as of late wrapped up his show “Destruction at Your Service.”

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