Lee Ga Ryung Talks About Working With Sung Hoon And Lee Min Young In “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)”

“Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” is a TV Chosun dramatization around three ladies in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who experience unforeseen purges in their relationships when they find their spouses are taking part in an extramarital entanglements. It is composed by Im Sung Han (otherwise called Phoebe), who is known as a makjang dramatization author (shows with outrageous unexpected developments).

Lee Ga Ryung played Boo Hye Ryung, the lady in her 30s, who is a previous host and current radio DJ. She is hitched to Pan Sa Hyun (played by Sung Hoon). Boo Hye Ryung and Pan Sa Hyun had consented to marriage under the condition that they would not have youngsters, yet this causes contact between the couple later on.

In the meeting, Lee Ga Ryung said, “I was glad to live for some time as the smoky-looked at Boo Hye Ryung, who got both love and contempt. I feel remorseful that we couldn’t host a major wrap get-together on account of COVID-19. It actually doesn’t feel like it’s finished.”무료성인야동

She added, “In the subsequent season, I needed individuals to see Hye Ryung’s heart, which she doesn’t show outwardly. She has no family in Korea and is standing completely all alone, so she is intense and clear with others to secure herself. She’s not somebody who has no warmth or love in her heart by any means.”

The entertainer additionally talked about working with Sung Hoon, who played her better half, and Lee Min Young, who played her significant other’s darling. “There were bunches of things I was encountering on set interestingly, and he helped and dealt with me so I could act easily,” she said. “I’m extremely fortunate to have met a co-star who was so accommodating of me. Despite the fact that Hye Ryung and Song Won were foes in the show… We didn’t have any scenes together in the principal season and there weren’t many opportunities to meet in the changing areas, however at whatever point we saw one another, it generally felt appreciated. I believe this is on the grounds that Lee Min Young conveys with her an agreeable and delicate quality. I was continually hanging tight for the opportunity to act inverse of her. Indeed, even the scene where we battled and snatched each other’s hair had the option to turn out well in light of her.”

About Boo Hye Ryung’s unique smoky-looked at cosmetics, she said, “Thick cosmetics wears off after some time, so we needed to keep finishing it up between takes. My eyelids got dry from the thick cosmetics and I encountered a few hypersensitivities, and the long and substantial bogus eyelashes exhausted my eyes. Be that as it may, I additionally felt a feeling of pressing factor about making different entertainers stand by in light of the fact that I had a more drawn out cosmetics time than them. I endeavored to run between the cosmetics room and the set.”

She added, “References to the cosmetics come out sometimes in the show. There’s one in a café where a child considers me a raccoon, and my mother by marriage inquires as to whether I can’t remove my eyelashes, and my significant other says that thick cosmetics makes him feel off kilter. In any case, my person doesn’t pay attention to anybody and says as much, ‘what! I’m me!’ I feel that the cosmetics addresses her character and her way of life. To take it off addresses a major shift in perspective for her. It cut to the chase where I felt abnormal going around with no cosmetics on.”

The questioner asked the entertainer what she would have done on the off chance that she had wound up in a comparable circumstance as her person. She answered, “In the event that I got hitched to somebody under the reason that I needed to spend the remainder of my existence with them, as long as there wasn’t a youngster, I might have pardoned one illicit relationship. In case I was in Hye Ryung’s circumstance, I likewise would have requested the manor and the support expenses and the decreased duties. Dislike I can get reward for passionate torment or the repercussions on the remainder of my life. Cash is acceptable, however for Lee Ga Ryung, my heart is a higher priority than resources. I would protect my heart!”

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