Watch Ed Sheeran Re-record Taylor Swift’s ‘Everything Has Changed’

Ed Sheeran has shared a video of him re-recording his vocals for Taylor Swift’s ‘Beginning and end Has Changed’, in front of ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’.

The British vocalist lyricist highlighted on the first form of the record, which was delivered back in 2012 and was Swift’s fourth collection.조개모아

Sheeran posted the video on his Instagram page to correspond with the US star’s declaration about the new form of the collection’s vinyl discharge. “Here’s a video of me rerecording my bit for a melody you may know,” he subtitled the post.

“There’s additionally a fresh out of the plastic new melody me and Taylor composed the principal day we met called ‘Run’ that is out with the new form of the record, November nineteenth,” he added. “Appreciate folks! Was so fun remembering the entirety of this x.”

Quick affirmed the tracklist for ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ recently (August 6). Just as Sheeran, Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody will repeat his part on ‘The Last Time’, while Phoebe Bridgers and Chris Stapleton will show up on extra tracks that didn’t highlight on the first collection.

In the interim, last week (August 19), Ed Sheeran declared subtleties of his new collection ‘=’ and shared another tune from it called ‘Visiting Hours’. Of the new record, the performer said it’s the “best piece of work that I’ve at any point done”. He added that the way toward concluding its 14 tracks was “careful”.

“‘=’ (‘Equals’) is a truly close to home record and one that implies a ton to me,” he added. “My life changed enormously in the course of recent years – I got hitched, turned into a dad, experienced misfortune, and I ponder these points throughout the span of the collection. I consider it to be my transitioning record, and I can hardly wait to impart this next section to you.”

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