Cesar Azpilicueta Discusses Chelsea’s Premier League Title Chances Ahead Of Liverpool Clash

The safeguard has won the Premier League already with Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte’s sides and will be appearing to be identical under Thomas Tuchel this season.

Talking in front of the match, as cited by football.London, Azpilicueta examined Chelsea’s shots at winning the alliance.

Tuchel’s side completed fourth last season, getting Champions League football on the last day in spite of losing to Aston Villa as Tottenham beat Leicester City.

Thinking about last season and looking forward to this mission, not set in stone to show the world that Chelsea are prepared.중국야동

He said: “It’s a test. We realize that last season in the Premier League we finish a long way from where we need to be. We completed fourth. We need to show each day we are prepared.”

The Chelsea captain experienced shock at Euro 2020 as his Spain side came smashing out of the competition in the semi-finals, losing to Jorginho’s Italy – who proceeded to win the competition.

The pair will want to join this season as Chelsea push on for a Premier League title charge and hope to hold their Champions League crown.

Azpilicueta was likewise free of Chelsea newboy Romelu Lukaku, who scored on his introduction following a club record £97.5 million exchange from Inter Milan.

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