Peakboy Reveals BTS Singer V, Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik And Park Hyung-sik’s Reactions To Gyopo Hairstyle – Exclusive

Charm shik and Park Hyung-sik on Gyopo Hairstyle.

Peakboy as of late treated Wooga Squad fans with a surprising music video of Gyopo Hairstyle. The tune, which was delivered in July, highlighted four of his dearest companions – BTS artist V, Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik and Park Hyung-sik- – in never-seen symbols. While fans have given the video love, Peakboy uncovered that his companions were additionally strong to the possibility of the music video.일본야동

“At the point when I previously let my companions pay attention to the music, everybody loved it so much, so they readily consented to show up in the music video. After the music video was delivered, they gave positive input saying that they appreciated it without a doubt,” he said, talking with Hindustan Times.

In the video, Choi Woo-shik assumes the part of a picture taker while Park Hyung-sik bends over as a client of a food outlet that Peakboy’s working at. Park Seo-joon articles the job of a creation supervisor of a syndicated program, BTS vocalist V suits up to play a snappy worker.

The tune, Peakboy said, was motivated by his own haircut. Nonetheless, the idea of the music video was recommended by the music video chief. “It was the possibility that the music video chief previously recommended during a gathering, and from that point forward, large numbers of the characters in the music video have been made through gatherings,” he said.

Albeit the video was splendid and beautiful, Peakboy uncovered that the climate was playing a ruin sport. “On the primary day of shooting the music video, the climate wasn’t excellent. I needed to shoot outside, yet it out of nowhere down-poured. Be that as it may, when we began recording, the downpour halted immediately, however when the shooting was finished, it down-poured vigorously once more. Everybody said that the climate appeared to help, and the recording finished joyfully,” he said.

Ask him what enlivened him to make the melody in any case, Peakboy said, “Gyopo Hairstyle was a haircut that I generally needed to do, and when I glanced in the mirror in the wake of doing that hairdo, I preferred my appearance such a lot of that I got roused to make it.”

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“I think the best motivation for me comes from myself. As I work, I go through a great deal of experimentation, and eventually, the theme that surfaces toward the end is not much, yet everything’s identified with me. Gyopo Hairstyle is additionally a tune that surfaced while changing the hairdo, which is profoundly identified with my day to day existence,” he added.

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