Song Hye Kyo Talks About Her 2 Upcoming Dramas, Friendship With Other Actresses, And More

Tune Hye Kyo clarified that she was addressing the inquiries at her supper table in the wake of returning home from recording her impending dramatization “Presently, We Are Breaking Up” (strict title) featuring Jang Ki Yong. On her table was the show’s content, which she needed to retain whenever she was finished with the meeting.무료성인야동

Gotten some information about “Presently, We Are Breaking Up” and how it’s not quite the same as her past sentiment shows, Song Hye Kyo clarified, “I get asked, ‘Are you doing another sentiment dramatization?’ yet I imagine that in the sentiment dramatizations I acted in during my 20s, during my 30s, and presently, I’m changing remotely and inside, and I accept there are little contrasts in the sentiments I depict as I act. I feel that over the long haul and I fabricate myself through different encounters, the viewpoints I express while acting, regardless of whether it’s of a similar circumstance, will be not quite the same as the past.”

She likewise clarified that there are more different female-driven undertakings to look over because of the ascent of new stages. “The female lead of ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ isn’t one from a fantasy like dream sentiment. She’s a person who’s like my age, and her concerns and circumstances were exceptionally practical. Ha Young Eun approaches work and love in a functioning and amazing manner. In affection or in a relationship, she cherishes herself first, and she has a shrewd and solid outlook in regards to adore and her relationship with everyone around her. I truly needed to go about as this person of Ha Young Eun recently.”

Ha Young Eun is the chief of the plan group at a design name, which raises expectation for the different looks Song Hye Kyo will be exhibiting. The entertainer remarked, “I think my fans are anticipating that viewpoint a great deal. Furthermore, in light of the fact that it’s a design related show, they think I’ll show up with extremely extravagant visuals. However, Ha Young Eun herself isn’t such a lot of extravagant, yet more complex and stylish, so I think I’ll show you a picture that fits that person. I don’t believe being extravagant essentially implies being trendy. The picture that fits Ha Young Eun is one that is essential and negligible. Be that as it may, I am wearing a lot more lovely adornments and outfits contrasted with my past project. It’s been some time since I’ve played a person I can serenely tidy myself up for, so I’m having some good times recording.”

Melody Hye Kyo shared how the sweltering summer climate and the COVID-19 pandemic are influencing the show’s shoots. “Recording is however difficult as it might have been before because of the pandemic circumstance. Since shooting needs to happen in safe conditions, additional consideration should be taken in regards to the recording climate, so the entirety of the staff and entertainers appear to be exceptionally worn out. The show is scheduled to air in late pre-winter. We’re shooting throughout the mid year, however we chose to wear fall clothing. It is difficult to film in 36 to 37 degree (Celcius) climate wearing fall garments, however I figure everything will work out when I watch the transmission later.”

Asked how her outlook or practices change between when she’s chipping away at a show and when she’s slow time of year, Song Hye Kyo replied, “When I start a dramatization, I go through five to a half year living only for the dramatization. Time is unavoidably spent that way. From the second I awaken until the second I hit the hay, I’m living as that person, so there’s no an ideal opportunity for myself as Song Hye Kyo. At the point when I work, I need to consistently keep up with some pressure, so that normally gives me energy. Furthermore, I likewise get positive energy from the entertainers and staff who work with me, so regardless of whether it’s tiring, I can head into recording with a cheerful and appreciative heart. At the point when I’m not chipping away at a task, I get more dormant and apathetic, and I become ill also. Since I have a great deal of time, I sluggishly think, ‘I’ll get it done tomorrow,’ and put on weight. I believe I’m better when I’m working.”

Following “Presently, We Are Breaking Up,” Song Hye Kyo will star in essayist Kim Eun Sook’s “The Glory.” “The Glory” is an eight-scene vengeance tale about a previous school savagery casualty who grows up to turn into the culprit’s youngster’s homeroom educator. Melody Hye Kyo commented, “‘The Glory’ is an of a sort that I haven’t encountered frequently previously. It was a classification I’ve for a long time truly needed to attempt, so I’m energized, stressed, and anxious… those are the sentiments I continue to get. In any case, despite the fact that it’s hard, I think I’ll have the option to appreciate acting. I’m eager to know what Kim Eun Sook’s [revenge story] will resemble and what it will resemble to work with chief Ahn Gil Ho. Subsequent to wrapping up ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ well, I need to buckle down on my next project once more.”

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