‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ Star Jung Eun Chae To Join Bae Suzy In Coupang Play’s Upcoming Drama

As per a few media investigates September fifteenth, Jung Eun Chae as of late chose to show up in ‘Second Anna’ and is as of now concluding her timetable. ‘Second Anna’ is another work by chief Lee Joo-youthful, who coordinated the 2017 film ‘Single Rider’ featuring Lee Byung-hun and Gong Hyo-jin. Initially ready as a film, the configuration was changed to a 8-section show and delivered as a unique work of Coupang Play.

This work portrays the narrative of a lady who attempts to carry on with the existence of someone else. The lead spot of Anna is played by Bae Suzy. Jung Eun Chae will play a lady who carries on with an ideal life from the time Bae Suzy was taken. Jung Eun Chae’s special rich and modern environment is likewise a person that is relied upon to have a high person synchronization rate. Last year’s ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ got ideal surveys for her entrancing visuals as a beguiling female head administrator, so consideration is likewise centered around the new look that Jung Eun-chae will appear through ‘Second Anna’.실시간야동

Bae Suzy is set to assume the part of ‘Anna’ who carries on with her existence with two distinct characters as she experiences Ripley’s Syndrome, which is a type of total disregard for other people, named after the popular anecdotal person Thomas Ripley. The series is set to begin shooting in the later long periods of 2021 once the remainder of the cast is affirmed. She picked this series as she believes the vision of the chief and the content was very arresting and testing. She is likewise set to star inverse Park Bo Gum in the Kim Tae Yong coordinated series ‘Wonderland’ however since the date presently can’t seem to be delivered, ‘Second Anna’ might be her authority rebound.

In the interim, Coupang Play as of late delivered ‘SNL Korea’ as a unique diversion show, and is amidst creating a 8-section unique dramatization ‘One Day’ featuring Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won as a dramatization dispatch. ‘Second Anna’ is relied upon to follow this.

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