Author Of ‘Jesus Christ, Money Master’ Will Spend Rest Of Life In Jail Over Ponzi Scheme

William Neil “Doc” Gallagher, a 80-year-old Texas Christian radio personality and writer of the book entitled Jesus Christ, Money Master,will use whatever remains of his life in jail in the wake of directing a Ponzi plan to take millions from old individuals.

Gallagher was a “con artist specialist: a smooth, silver-haired and lucid, Scripture-rambling Texas public broadcast have,” AARP webcast have Michelle Kosinski said. In general, he took a joined $32 million in close to home investment funds from his confiding in casualties.한국야동

Starting around 2013, Gallagher urged his audience members to put resources into his retirement arranging firm called the Gallagher Financial Group. His older casualties gave him somewhere in the range of $50,000 to $600,000 each in close to home reserve funds for speculation.

Face to face and on the radio, he advertised himself as “The Money Doctor,” promising incredible returns. Unbeknownst to his financial backers, he did not have the necessary state permit should have been a venture counsel, The Dallas Morning News announced.

Court records after his capture in March 2019 showed that his own workplaces were in “chaos and turmoil” with “longer than a time of business records and unopened mail dissipated and stacked arbitrarily all through the workplace and extra suites.” He kept desk work in his vehicle and furthermore did not have a bookkeeping framework for monitoring his casualties’ speculations.

He purportedly attracted new financial backers by facilitating public occasions, similar to a volunteer melodic revue called Spectacular Senior Follies and film evenings at a Grapevine theater offering free concessions, as indicated by the Dallas Morning News. His Christian AM public broadcast additionally added to his apparent dependability, as did the individual connections he worked with financial backers.

In August, Gallagher confessed to three charges including trickiness, robbery and misapplication of assets more than $200,000. He got a day to day existence term for every one of the charges. Judge Elizabeth Beach likewise condemned him to three 10-year jail sentences, for one count of fraud and two counts of abuse of the old. The sentences should be in every way served successively.

“Doc Gallagher is one of the most exceedingly terrible guilty parties I have seen,” said Lori Varnell, head of the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Elder Financial Fraud group.

“He heartlessly took from his customers who confided in him for very nearly 10 years. He…Exploited numerous senior people. He worked his direction around chapels going after individuals who accepted he was a Christian,” Varnell added.

A Dallas County judge condemned Gallagher to 25 years in state jail on March 27, 2020. Also, the court requested him to pay $10,386,816 in compensation to his casualties. A large number of his casualties won’t ever see their cash again.

His 2016 book, Jesus Christ, Money Master taught perusers on the best way to procure “the advantages of returning Christ to the middle” of their own ways of managing money. It investigated “four certainties instructed about cash in the New Testament” including “don’t cherish it, do give it, how to acquire it and how to make it develop.”

Susan Pippi, one of his casualties, was biting the dust of lymphoma when she contributed $675,000 with Gallagher. Still sick, she told nearby news station KTVT, “I don’t confide in anyone any longer, with the exception of God and my family.”

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