‘True Story’, ‘Hawkeye’, ‘Red Notice’ Topped U.S. Streaming Rankings During Thanksgiving Week

True Story', 'Hawkeye', 'Red Notice' Topped U.S. Streaming During  Thanksgiving – Deadline

Netflix’s unique film Red Notice and restricted series True Story featuring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes completed No. 1 and negative. 2, individually, in Nielsen’s in general SVOD streaming rankings in the U.S. For the seven day stretch of November 22-28, which covered the Thanksgiving occasion.실시간야동

Red Notice, which Netflix as of now has told us was the streaming goliath’s most-watched unique film ever, wrapped up with 954 million review minutes in its third week on the diagrams, only in front of True Story with 943 million minutes. Each of the seven episodes of True Story dropped on November 24, pushing it to No. 1 on Nielsen’s Top 10 SVOD Original Programs diagrams.

Disney+/Marvel’s series Hawkeye, which sent off with a two-episode debut during the occasion time period, was No. 3 by and large in its presentation with 853M minutes, turning into the No. 2 SVOD unique on the rundown. Nielsen, which tracks review of Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney and Hulu by means of TV sets and deliveries information on a four-week delay, said Monday that Hawkeye seeing was practically equivalent across the two episodes as Marvel fans checked out the most recent independent series from the MCU.

Nielsen additionally said that the crowd for True Story was overwhelmingly African-American, with 53% of its viewership drawn from Black families, like the example of Netflix’s new delivery The Harder They Fall.

Other eminent titles during the November 22-28 casing: Amazon Prime Originals dropped the fourth episode of Wheel of Time, great for 663M minutes saw, No. 6 generally and negative. 3 on the firsts list. The last option list likewise incorporated the bow of Disney+’s The Beatles: Get Back narrative from Peter Jackson appeared with 503M minutes saw, really great for No. 7 on the SVOD Originals diagram.

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