Rob Stringer, Bernie Taupin Among Names On 2022 New Year Honours List

2022 New Year Honours List: Rob Stringer, Bernie Taupin, Mel B & More –  Billboard

Loot Stringer, driving as director of Sony Music Group and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, got the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) honor for his support of imaginative enterprises, civil rights and good cause. He quite sent off Sony’s $100 million Social Justice Fund to help civil rights and hostile to bigoted drives around the world.무료성인야동

The couple, who created the current year’s raving success No Time To Die, right now the third best film ever in the U.K., have been offered CBE praises for a “administrations to film, to dramatization, to charity and to abilities.” They both as of now have an OBE.

One more CBE beneficiary on the 2022 rundown is Jason Bourne and Captain Phillips chief Paul Greengrass for “administrations to human expression,” while John Boorman, the veteran movie producer behind Deliverance and Excalibur and as of now a CBE, is to get a knighthood, the most noteworthy distinction on the Order of the British Empire list for “administrations to film.”

Stage and screen symbol and prestigious extremist Vanessa Redgrave, along with Joanna Lumley, most popular for playing Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous and for her activism for Gurkha veterans, are both getting Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire praises, one stage under a knighthood. Redgrave’s honor is in acknowledgment for her “administrations to human expression” while Lumley’s is for “administrations to dramatization, to amusement and to admirable missions.”

The 2022 rundown, declared only an hour and a half before 12 PM on Dec. 31, 2021, highlights a weighty harvest of British games stars, good cause laborers and, maybe obviously, people known for their work in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Knighthoods are going to the main clinical officials for England, Scotland and Wales.

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