Hear Avril Lavigne’s ‘Love It When You Hate Me’ Collaboration With Blackbear

Avril Lavigne’s new single “Bite Me” is a re-visitation of structure for the pop-punk symbol, who as of late endorsed to Travis Barker’s DTA Records.

As the lead single off her new collection, Love Sux, which will be out on February 25, “Bite Me” restores Avril’s magnificently acidic interpretation of the exemplary pop-punk riff, and has fans similarly as invigorated as her new collab with Willow and Travis Barker on “Develop” for Willow’s collection did. 중국야동

Presently, she’s followed up the lead single with another new track, this one called “Love It When You Hate Me,” including Blackbear, who pop-punk fans may recall from MGK’s lowkey hit “My Ex’s Best Friend.” Blackbear is an extraordinary foil for Avril on the grounds that he falls in line among emotional and rap, and however she never wanders into the hip-jump world, her reckless sound finds a place with the most recent round of pop-punk impacted stars like The Kid Laroi. The new tune comes closely following Avril reporting her collection delivery date, and the full tracklist for the venture, which incorporates an entire host of invigorating colleagues.

Mark Hoppus, MGK, and obviously Blackbear are completely highlighted visitors, while Barker’s fingerprints are all around the entire record as an associate and maker. Look at her new single above and search for the collection out the following month.

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