Former Lovelyz member Yein to make her solo debut with ‘Plus n Minus’ on THIS date


Previous Lovelyz part Yein is preparing for her performance debut! After her takeoff from Woollim Entertainment in November 2021, following the disbandment of the young lady bunch, Sublime Artist Agency affirmed on January 11, 2022, Yein had marked a selective agreement with the organization. The office additionally shared that Yein was right now amidst definite arrangements for the arrival of her first single as an independent craftsman, at that point.무료야동

On January 18, Yein’s performance debut was formally reported via a mystery cut appearance a discussion of the text. As indicated by the secret, Yein will make her performance debut with the advanced single ‘In addition to n Minus’ on January 25 at 6 pm KST (2:30 pm IST). The next day, on January 19, Sublime Artist Agency likewise delivered the primary mystery pictures for Yein’s impending performance debut. As of January 23, we have additionally gotten two additional rounds of idea photographs for Yein’s forthcoming performance debut.

Furthermore, the organization has additionally dropped two film mysteries for ‘In addition to n Minus’. The film secrets have all the earmarks of being in the background cuts from Yein’s idea photoshoots for ‘In addition to n Minus’. On January 24 at 6 pm KST (2:30 pm IST), we likewise got a secret for the music video for ‘In addition to n Minus’. The music video secret shows Yein investigating the roads of Los Angeles and flaunting her splendid and energetic energy.

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