Ubon CH 99 4-in-1 charger review; Can be your best travel buddy at Rs 699

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Ubon has as of late sent off its new Magic Charger – Ubon CH 99, 4 out of 1 charger across India at a cost of Rs 699. It has accompanied lightning-quick 2.6 ampere and standard 2.6A accusing result of a wide information scope of 140-270V. The charger is minimal and lightweight and effectively obliges into your pocket or pack in this way ending up a genuine sidekick.한국야동

The organization has as of late imparted the gadget to us to utilize it and get you a far reaching audit of the gadget so here we are clarifying every one of the insights regarding the gadget and attempting to respond to every one of your inquiries.

The recently sent off Ubon CH 99 charger is a multi-utilitarian gadget that can be a deliverer for your little excursion. Plan astute the organization has kept the structure factor exceptionally negligible and its work of plastic material, yet all the same a decent one. It has a smaller plan that can be handily fit anyplace be it your pocket or your knapsack.

The organization has additionally added a portable holder at the highest point of the charger which is fit for obliging somewhere around two smooth telephones, yet we prescribe you to utilize each in turn. The general plan of the CH 99 is basic and solid and it goes into three pin plug which is effectively accessible all over. We like the plan.

Ubon CH 99 accompanies a lightning-quick 2.6 ampere and standard 2.6A accusing result of a wide info scope of 140-270V. it offers a versatile holder that permits you to charge an additional a gadget all the while with extra 2 USB ports.

Ubon Magic Charger accompanies a 1-meter miniature USB charging link that upgrades the charging pace of your cell phone or tablet. The charger likewise permits you to charge your USB power gadget like a power manage an account with its particular link. The charger consequently recognizes and conveys the voltage and current in light of the need of your gadget. Consequently, it saves you from the concerns of slow or quick charging of your gadget.

We have utilized the Ubon CH 99 for beyond what fourteen days and we can say that the gadget turns out completely great. We didn’t confront any issues while charging our cell phones tablets for different gadgets. It accompanies a three-pin plug that is fit for obliging your charging connector and two USB Type-A charging ports which will help you in charging your telephone at a good speed.

We in all actuality do like the presentation of the gadget however the main thing which was absent in the gadget was the USB Type-C port, it very well may be a cherry on the cake assuming Ubon figures out how to put one USB Type-C port too on the gadget.

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