EVERGLOW’s Aisha displays her electric moves in dance cover for SUNMI’s popular track ‘Full Moon’

Everglow’s Aisha

On January 30, Yuehua Entertainment delivered the dance cover for SUNMI’s ‘Full Moon’ performed by EVERGLOW’s Aisha and we are hypnotized by her moves. Wearing a dark lattice dress and dim cosmetics, Aisha impeccably re-establishes the moves from SUNMI’s well known track.

Known to be a more strong part, Aisha figures out how to command the notice of the watchers during the whole cover. This was delivered on the event of Lunar New Year or ‘Sollal’.실시간야동

EVERGLOW’s ‘DUN’ was declared that it won first spot in the decision in favor of the ‘Best Malamat Song’, and that implies an extraordinary zesty taste or in the music sense, an earworm. Star Play, a worldwide star being a fan application made by dynamic votes from star fandoms, sent off a democratic challenge from January eleventh to January 25th for the title of ‘The Best Malamat Song’.

The alleged ‘Malamat’ tunes, with their strong beat, habit-forming song, and strong execution, are acquiring prominence in Korea as well as abroad. In this vote, which was directed for the icon tunes of ‘Malamat’, which overwhelms the affection for worldwide fans, ‘DUN’ by Everglow, a ‘worldwide pattern’, with an aggregate of 39.05% of the votes.

EVERGLOW’s ‘DUN’ is the title track of their first little collection ‘memory’, delivered in February 2020. ‘DUN’, loaded up with Everglow’s extraordinary young lady crush beguile, blends with a habit-forming song, a serious thump that continually resounds with the heart, and a sensitive vocal line, fulfilling audience members’ assumptions without limit.

With a certain and abstract introduction that starts with the verses of ‘Ring the drum’, strong metal that makes the eardrums, a sublime bass synth, and an extreme beat that breaks the beat rapidly gives a solid effect until the finish of the melody.

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