IU achieves THIS new milestone with ‘Celebrity’ for the first time since debut


Interestingly since her presentation in 2008 at fifteen years old, soloist IU has positioned number 1 on Melon’s Yearly Chart for 2021 with her track, ‘Big name’. Famous South Korean music streaming stage Melon delivered its yearly outline on February 7, uncovering that IU’s pre-discharge track ‘VIP’ from her fifth full length collection ‘LILAC’ had topped the diagram for 2021.무료야동

IU had recently positioned second with ‘Annoying’ in 2010, and with ‘During that Time’ in 2017. With this accomplishment, IU breaks her past records and positions on the yearly graph interestingly. ‘Big name’ had appeared to colossal love, positioning 1 on the Gaon Digital Chart, turning into IU’s seventeenth number one single, and 25th number one track by and large (counting highlighted appearances and OSTs).

The tune kept up with its position for six continuous weeks. Notwithstanding ‘Big name’, 11 of IU’s tracks have come to the 2021 outline, including ‘Lilac’, ‘Blueming’, and ‘Eight’, with three of these melodies positioning inside the main 10.

In the interim, Melon’s Yearly Chart for 2021 is generally overwhelmed by female specialists, including IU, Brave Girls, aespa, Heize, Oh My Girl, STAYC, Taeyeon, and BLACKPINK’s Rose. Following IU, Brave Girls’ ‘Rolling’ positions at number 2, trailed by BTS’ ‘Explosive’, aespa’s ‘Next Level’, and IU’s ‘Lilac’, individually.

KyungSeo’s ‘Gleaming Star(2020)’ comes in at number 6, trailed by Lee Mujin’s ‘Traffic Signal’ at number 7, BTS’ ‘Margarine’ at number 8, IU’s ‘Hold My Hand’ at number 9, and Song I Han’s ‘I will be your sparkling star’ balancing the best 10.

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