Alicia Keys Serves Goddess Energy in an Off-the-Shoulder Black Jumpsuit at Donda 2 Listening Party

Alicia Keys knows how to convey a gaudy high-design look.

The previous evening, the “Young lady on Fire” vocalist went to Kanye West’s ritzy Donda 2 listening party in Miami. For the occasion, Keys acquired the allure a loose dash up dark jumpsuit with off-the-shoulder sleeves. She covered off the monochrome look with a couple of dark obeyed boots. 성인사진

Keys additionally pulled out all the stops on embellishments, wearing two matching silver rings and a shimmering highly contrasting chain jewelry that included huge piano keys (with “Keys” composed at the top). Her hair, worn in a bun, was embellished with various self locking pins.

The Grammy-winning vocalist likewise performed “City of Gods,” her new tune with Kanye West and Fivio Foreign. On Instagram, she shared a clasp and photographs of the threesome performing together in front of an audience.

Different stars in participation included Migos, Jack Harlow, and Playboi Carti, per Rolling Stone.

For Harper’s BAZAAR’s September 2019 main story, Keys got serious about homing in on her inventive approach all through her many years spreading over profession.

“Each time I make something, I feel it’s the best thing I’ve at any point done,” she said. “I could encounter self-uncertainty all the while, yet whenever I’ve completed I feel extremely sure. I actually have that innocent marvel.”

She likewise pondered the twofold standard that ladies are frequently held to in the business, saying, “I think ladies are held to better expectations since we are substantially more essential to humanity. Ladies are continuously must explore a more troublesome space since we involve such countless various levels inside it, and that is the manner by which strong we are.”

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