Yesung, Donghae & Leeteuk star in SUPER JUNIOR’s first MV teaser for ‘Callin’

In front of their February 28 rebound, SUPER JUNIOR has dropped the main music video mystery for their forthcoming title track, ‘Callin’, from their exceptional single collection, ‘The Road : Winter for Spring’. The music video mystery shows individuals Yesung, Donghae, and Leeteuk in warm-conditioned settings, joined by a bit of the tune including the verses, “I need to be content” and “it’s the ideal opportunity for adoration.”무료야동사이트

The originally set of individual idea photographs was additionally revealed on February 17 for Yesung, Donghae, and Leeteuk. As the main arrangement of picture mysteries as well as the music video mystery just element three out of the nine individuals taking an interest in the rebound, expectation is high for which individuals will be highlighted in the following arrangement of secrets.

Moreover, SUPER JUNIOR has additionally declared an exceptional rebound live booked for March 1 at 8 pm KST (4:30 pm IST), which will be livestreamed through the gathering’s true YouTube channel. The gathering’s impending delivery is being advanced as a ‘Exceptional Single Album’, and the actual duplicate is a restricted version that must be bought through pre-orders.

‘The Road : Winter for Spring’ follows SUPER JUNIOR’s standard tenth collection ‘The Renaissance’, delivered last year in March. The gathering appeared in November 2005 with the single ‘Twins (Knock Out)’, and almost a long time since their presentation, have solidified the individuals as all-around vocalists, performers, MCs, and entertainers.

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