Malique Jacobs to miss first half of MAC title game as four Kent State players disciplined for anti-Akron Snapchat video

Four Kent State players, including beginning gatekeeper Malique Jacobs, have been focused by the Mid-American Conference for a web-based media post ahead of Saturday’s title game against rival Akron.

The association said forward DJ Johnson has been suspended endlessly, while Jacobs and stores Cli’Ron Hornbeak and Julius Rollins should pass on the principal half of the title game for the Golden Flashes.한국야동

Jacobs scored a group high 19 focuses and had 10 bounce back in Kent State’s success over Ohio in the elimination rounds Friday night. After the game, the four players recorded a video in their storage space and posted it on Snapchat.

“I’m frustrated this happened,” MAC official Dr. Jon Steinbrecher said in a proclamation. “This doesn’t address the upsides of Kent State or the Mid-American Conference. Nonetheless, I recognize the authority of Kent State for being proactive in addressing this matter and working together with my office to carry what is happening to goal.”

Kent State and Akron, whose grounds are isolated by 10 miles, have one of the country’s most harsh competitions. The Golden Flashes dominated both matches during the standard season and are looking for their first NCAA bid beginning around 2017.

“The conduct in the video doesn’t mirror the guiding principle of Kent State, nor does it satisfy the norms we expect of our understudy competitors,” the school said in an explanation Friday night.

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