Food blogger who cooked all 1,272 Ina Garten recipes congratulated by the culinary queen herself

On Sunday, when Trent Pheifer, a self-declared “locally acquired form of Ina Garten,” prepared her Boston Cream Pie with the notorious Food Network star herself over Zoom, the pair praised his greatest accomplishment in the kitchen yet having finished each of the 1,272 of her distributed plans.

Similar as the well known food blog turned elegant film “Julie and Julia,” propelled by the late, incredible Julia Child, Pheifer set off to learn by inundation and cook through Garten’s assortment of dishes from reliable to sweet and appetizing. 조개모아

He acquired one of the Barefoot Contessa’s most significant lines, “Locally acquired is fine,” made an Instagram record to archive the excursion and started cooking each formula from her cookbooks and TV show.

“My flat mate and I used to cherish marathon watching the ‘Shoeless Contessa.’ It was more optimistic review and needing to be welcome to her remarkable gatherings instead of getting in the kitchen and making her plans,” Pheifer told “Great Morning America.”

“Not long later, I coincidentally found Julia Child’s ‘My Life in France,’ which truly presented me to a better approach for contemplating food and ignited an unquenchable fire in me to get in the kitchen and learn all that I could about cooking. At 30, I figured I was very much past due for figuring out how to cook.”

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