Anne Hathaway talks buzzy new role in ‘WeCrashed’

The series, out Friday, narratives the ascent and fall of WeWork, its alluring originator, Adam Neumann (Jared Leto), and his better half, Rebekah Neumann (Hathaway), who was the organization’s head marking official.

Hathaway let ABC Audio know that while Rebekah may not seem like the most engaging individual, we can positively relate to “the exceptionally human experience of having an objective and missing the mark concerning it and what that should feel like.”실시간야동

Rebekah is acknowledged for concocting the mission expression of WeWork, which was “to hoist the world’s awareness,” and Hathaway said she thinks Rebekah truly trusted in it.

“I think she needs to accomplish something beneficial. I think she needs to make the world a superior spot. Also, I truly think she had faith in the force of ‘we,'” the Oscar-winning entertainer said.

A conviction Hathaway said she doesn’t impart to Neumann is the possibility that one individual can change the world.

“I accept that you can change yourself and you can be open about that cycle, however I don’t believe that the world will be saved by one individual accomplishing something useful,” she made sense of. “I believe it will be saved by us all accomplishing something useful.”

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