Man attacked by tiger at Florida Everglades attraction, authorities say

A man was gone after by a tiger at a Florida Everglades fascination in the wake of strolling into the creature’s fenced in area, specialists said. The episode happened Tuesday evening in Collier County, similar region where a man was gone after by a tiger at a zoo three months prior.

“Fundamental very information shows a tiger in a nook at that area was being taken care of by it’s [sic] overseer when a 50 year old male, a worker of Wooten’s who was not approved to accompany the tiger, entered the tiger’s nook,” the sheriff’s office said. “The tiger went after the man and made wounds the two arms.”실시간야동

On Dec. 29, delegates were called to the Naples Zoo after an upkeep specialist entered an unapproved region and put his arm in a tiger nook, specialists said.

“After a careful examination of the occurrence and subsequent to counseling specialists in state and government criminal regulation and the indictment of same, it has been inferred that there are no relevant existing regulations with which to charge. Mr. River Rosenquist for his reckless demonstrations that at last caused the passing of Eko the tiger,” the sheriff’s office said in a proclamation.

“Basically, there are no regulations on the books that apply to this careless demonstration. We realize this will be extremely challenging for everybody to comprehend. It is challenging as far as we’re concerned to appreciate.”

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