Frank Martin mulling UMass Minutemen’s offer to be head men’s basketball coach, sources say

Martin was officially extended to the head-instructing employment opportunity at UMass on Thursday after the different sides met face to face in South Carolina, a source told ESPN. Martin’s choice on whether to take the occupation is normal soon.

Martin, 56, drove South Carolina to the Final Four out of 2017 and would bring 15 years of high-significant instructing experience to UMass. Martin has a 288-201 record as a significant school lead trainer at Kansas State and South Carolina.조개모아

Martin would supplant Matt McCall, who went 58-81 and 28-52 in Atlantic 10 play. UMass has gone to only one NCAA competition beginning around 1998.

Martin was terminated by South Carolina recently after 10 seasons there. The Final Four run was his solitary NCAA competition appearance, and he wrapped up with a record of 171-147. He arrived at the NCAA competition multiple times in five seasons at Kansas State.

Martin has connections to Massachusetts. His significant other, Anya, is a previous track star at UMass. Martin additionally worked at Northeastern in Boston where he enrolled J.J. Barea from 2000 to ’04.

Since arriving at the Final Four out of 1996, UMass has battled to recover those statures. The school has endeavored to resuscitate b-ball’s intensity, remembering building a training office for 2015 that cost almost $30 million.

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