Ukrainians try to rescue exotic animals from abandoned zoo

A gathering of Ukrainian workers is endeavoring to safeguard creatures from a private zoo close to the capital that was deserted after the Russian armed force bombarded and involved the region.무료야동사이트

The recreation area seemed to have been harmed by shelling, Mukhanov said. Creatures, including camels and ostriches, were left with no food. Some were harmed, while others were dead, he said.

“The town close by was freed from the Russians two days prior, so the proprietor is presently getting back to the zoo and they desire to empty the creatures in the following two or three days,” he said.

Starting at Wednesday morning, Yasnohorodka family ecopark posted on their Facebook page that the creatures were being safeguarded and emptied from the area.

Mukhanov made sense of that due for the area being bombarded and involved by Russian powers, the proprietors and staff were in anxiety toward their lives and needed to escape the zoo as fast as could really be expected, driving them away from the creatures behind.

“At this point this region has been liberated and our Ukrainian soldiers are there, so we have coordinated and ensured the proprietor security so he can clear the creatures,” he said.

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