Music stars return to Venezuela after skipping it for years

CARACAS, Venezuela The ground shook at the moment the voice of Mexican music star Alejandro Fernandez slammed into the stunning cheers of fans assembled for his first show in Venezuela in more than 10 years.

After an underlying stunned stop at seeing the craftsman at last make that big appearance, the group, cellphones close by, went along with him in singing “Sin Tantita Pena” “Without Too Much Pity.”한국야동

“It’s delightful to be in Venezuela,” he said to shouts and whistles from the sold-out crowd, some of whom had taken out credits to see him perform last month at a 5,000-limit theater in Caracas, the capital. “Wonderful, dear, Venezuela that I generally convey in my heart.”

Noticeable specialists are getting back to stages in the South American country this year subsequent to avoiding it with regards to visits for quite a long time. Multilingual vocal gathering Il Divo and Latin Grammy-winning artist lyricist Kany Garcia are among those with booked shows.

Be that as it may, with ticket costs going from $55 to up of $600, the occasions are images of extraordinary disparity in a ruined country.

Geniuses like the Backstreet Boys once attracted fans to rest outside a Caracas field for a really long time as they arranged for tickets. Firearms N’ Roses and Shakira came to town. So did Juanes, whose 2008 visit remembered different urban areas for Venezuela.

Significant shows, be that as it may, turned out to be more irregular beginning around 2010. They evaporated totally a couple of years some other time when the nation fell into a political, social and monetary emergency that wiped out positions even as expansion imploded the buying force of millions.

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