Review: Old Crow Medicine Show offers serious tonic of songs

Because of the gathering’s name, great timey rhythms and entertainingly rushed vocals, Old Crow Medicine Show can be confused with a hee-hawing string band not to be treated in a serious way. All of which makes the Nashville-based gathering’s new collection tricky in its enjoyments.

“Paint This Town” is without a doubt a party starter, yet there are likewise strong melodies about prejudice, medicates, the abolitionist development, ecological corruption and the Mississippi banner.무료성인야동

Adaptable frontman Ketch Secor’s unmistakable conveyance fits the material, whether his methodology is frenzied, comedic or honest. It turns out Secor can sound a ton like Joe Strummer, and a portion of the topic is Clash-commendable.

“Pain reliever” catches the distress of fixation, and “Used To Be a Mountain” turns furious as it depicts a manhandled scene. “DeFord Rides Again,” sung by drummer Jerry Pentecost, honors spearheading however lengthy neglected Black down home music craftsman DeFord Bailey.

While the band conveys those tunes at an irate speed, “New Mississippi Flag” is a striking number that movingly sums up the state’s convoluted history in a short time as it shook “chains” and those “who kicked the bucket making progress toward change.”

Old Crow sets aside opportunity for the sake of entertainment. Secor is magnificently hammy singing about separate on “Away they go,” and the collection opens and closes with euphoric foot-stompers. This medication show’s enthusiasm and energy are a powerful tonic, particularly on melodies spot on and wrong.

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