Charlie Rose reemerges with first interview since firings

NEW YORK Charlie Rose, whose profession as a writer collapsed in 2017 because of sexual wrongdoing charges, arose Thursday by posting on the web an extended meeting he directed with financial backer Warren Buffett.

Rose said in a message on his site that he was pleased to have the new discussion with Buffett. The 80-year-old writer said it was the primary meeting he had led in over four years.한국야동

Rose’s TV television show, which had circulated on PBS beginning around 1991, finished unexpectedly in November 2017 after The Washington Post distributed a story in which a few ladies who had worked with him asserted an example of sexual offense that included grabbing and strolling exposed before them.

He called one 21-year-old staff member to tell her his dreams of seeing her swim bare, the Post said in its examination, distributed at the tallness of the #MeToo development.

In the meeting, the two men discussed Buffett’s profession, which started when he purchased stocks for $114.75 in 1942, when he was 11 years of age. He depicted his regular day, which would incorporate calling a colleague a half hour before the financial exchange opened to guide him on what business to lead some of the time including billions of dollars in trading.

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