Tesla stockholders ask judge to silence Musk in fraud case

DETROIT A gathering of Tesla investors suing CEO Elon Musk over around 2018 tweets about taking the organization private is requesting that a government judge request Musk to quit remarking looking into it.조개모아

Attorneys for investors of the Austin, Texas-based organization likewise say in court records that the adjudicator for the situation has decided that Musk’s tweets about having “financing got” to take Tesla private were bogus, and that his remarks additionally abuse a 2018 court settlement with U.S. protections controllers in which Musk and Tesla each consented to pay $20 million fines.

Musk, during a meeting Thursday at the TED 2022 gathering, said he had the financing to take Tesla private in 2018. He called the Securities and Exchange Commission a profane name and said he just settled on the grounds that financiers let him know they would quit giving capital on the off chance that he didn’t, and Tesla would fail.

The meeting and court activity came only days after Musk, the world’s most extravagant individual, made a disputable proposal to assume control over Twitter and transform it into a privately owned business with a $43 billion proposition that rises to $54.20 per share. Twitter’s board on Friday took on a “death wish” technique that would make it restrictively costly for Musk to purchase the offers.

In court reports recorded Friday, legal advisors for the Tesla investors affirmed that Musk is attempting to impact expected attendants in the claim. They battle that Musk’s 2018 tweets about having the means to take Tesla private at $420 per share were composed to manipulate the stock cost, costing investors cash.

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