Golf great Greg Norman wants to play British Open

Playing golf incredible Greg Norman means to emerge from retirement and contend at the British Open in July, a report said Saturday, with the Australian saying: “I love St Andrews.” 중국야동

The 67-year-old, a double cross victor of the Claret Jug who has as of late been leading a proposed Saudi-supported breakaway Super League, has not played a significant beginning around 2009.

Yet, he needs to return for the competition’s 150th release, to be held at the Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland – – thought about the home of golf.

“I’m finishing up the section structure now. I believe I’m going,” he told News Corp Australia papers.

Regardless of whether he jump starts is still to be seen. Norman will either need to fight through qualifying or look for an uncommon extraordinary exception, given he is over the removed age of 60 for previous bosses.

He accepts he has a case.

“I want to in any case get in,” he said. “It’s the 150th. I’m a previous Open hero. I love St Andrews.

“In the event that… I would think about returning and jump starting one final time, perhaps this is all there is to it.”

Norman – – nicknamed the “Incomparable White Shark” – – played the remainder of his 27 British Opens in 2009. He won in 1986 and 1993, and posted 10 top-10 completions altogether.

Enormously famous in his prime, he has turned into a polarizing figure all the more as of late as CEO of a breakaway association supported by Saudi Arabia that is planned to match the US PGA Tour.

The new association wanted to draw top players, yet a line of the world’s best have quit, with Norman blamed for choosing not to see denials of basic liberties in Saudi Arabia. He dismisses that case.

“We are here to play golf, serve fans, become the game, and offer extra chances to players,” Norman told News Corp. “Golf is great for the world and that incorporates Saudi Arabia.”

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