Naomi Judd, of Grammy-winning duo The Judds, dies at 76

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Naomi Judd, whose family harmonies with little girl Wynonna transformed them into the Grammy-winning nation stars The Judds, has kicked the bucket. She was 76.

“Today we sisters encountered a misfortune. We lost our lovely mother to the sickness of dysfunctional behavior,” the assertion said. “We are broken. We are exploring significant sorrow and know that as we cherished her, she was adored by her public. We are in an obscure area.”성인사진

Naomi Judd passed on close to Nashville, Tennessee, said an explanation in the interest of her better half and individual artist, Larry Strickland. It said no further insights about her passing would be delivered and requested security as the family laments.

The Judds were to be accepted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday and they had recently declared a field visit to start in the fall, their most memorable visit together in more than 10 years.

The mother-little girl entertainers scored 14 No. 1 melodies in a lifelong that spread over almost thirty years. The red-headed couple joined the customary Appalachian hints of twang with cleaned pop interpretations, scoring many hits during the 1980s. Wynonna drove the pair with her strong vocals, while Naomi gave harmonies and smart looks in front of an audience.

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